Cait Siew (AThR)


Red Thread Therapy





Psychotherapy is a form of non-medicated treatment for psychological and emotional well being. My approach is psychodynamic - the focus is on deep-seated causes of behaviour. For instance, patterns of behaviour stemming from a person’s upbringing or earlier life experiences, which continue to impact present-day behaviours. I also apply Jungian theories as a framework to understand your experiences and the emerging content during and between sessions.

Art Psychotherapy

Similar to psychotherapy, art psychotherapy is also concerned with psychological and emotional well being but there is an added medium of communication - that of images and symbols, mark-making and abstractions. There is no need for prior artistic abilities to reap the benefits of art psychotherapy. Making art can be considered a gateway to the unconscious as it taps into the pre-verbal part of the brain and encourages the surfacing of contents that a person may not consciously be aware of.

Open Studio

The open studio concept is as the name suggests - there are no rules and is open to anything that comes up. Open studio is group based and unstructured. Clients can come at any time within the studio opening hours and stay as long or as short as they want. They can talk to other members or none at all. The therapist is available within the studio but do not take an active approach in processing contents. It is entirely client-centered and encourages self-expression through a visual medium. It can be a good introduction to exploring art as therapy, as a relaxation process and insight building.


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