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A place for reflection, understanding and meaning-making.


Red Thread Therapy is a private practice I have set up in Auckland, New Zealand, to offer a space of self-reflection and self-knowledge. It is my belief that once we are able to understand and make meaning out of the experiences in our life that we are able to incorporate them and move with our best foot forward.

The idea behind Red Thread Therapy is inspired by the Greek myth of Ariadne, who offered counsel and a ball of red thread to Theseus. Theseus was given the task of slaying the Minotaur in the labyrinth by Minos, the Cretan King. The Minotaur can be likened to that part of ourselves that we try to keep secret or attempt to suppress.

In the process of individuation; that is, to be whole and to make the unconscious side of ourselves conscious, we need to explore the labyrinth, process and integrate the Minotaurs in our lives.

My task as your therapist is to guide you through the labyrinth of life, and to hand you a ball of red thread so that you may go in and out safely. I believe this is an apt metaphor for therapy because the hard work is really done by clients themselves and the therapist merely acts as a guide or witness to the journey undertaken.