How do I know if (art) psychotherapy is right for me?

Psychotherapy differs from other short term, solution focused therapy in that it is a form of depth psychology and is designed to create lasting effects and changes in your life by having a thorough analysis of your past and life as a whole.

It is concerned with making the unconscious conscious - interpreting dreams and symbols, images and artworks, behaviours and relational patterns for contents that may be outside of our awareness. These insights help you reframe your engagement with yourself and the world around you.


How many sessions will I need?

It varies from person to person and largely dependent on the goals of therapy that you are looking for. We can discuss this in the initial consultation and continue to review it during therapy. I typically see clients on a weekly or twice weekly basis.


How much will each session cost me?

I have a fixed rate per session but offer a sliding scale to meet your needs. ACC and WINZ subsidy or other sources of funding can be discussed.


How do I pay?

Cash, cheque or mobile banking in person. We can also come to an agreement of a monthly payment via bank transfer. International clients may pay by PayPal.


Where’s your consulting room?

Zurich House, 21 Queen Street, Auckland.
The closest station is Britomart station and is easily accessible by bus, train and ferry.


What if I can’t come to you?

I also offer psychotherapy sessions by Skype. Please note though that this may not be available for art psychotherapy in the usual sense.