Known as the “talking cure”, psychotherapy is a form of healing through the process of gaining insight into the cause of a person’s behaviours. My theoretical background is in psychodynamic psychotherapy. There is an emphasis on the therapeutic alliance, in which clients and therapist build a working relationship so that we can work through core conflicts. By analysing the dynamics of the therapeutic relationship, the aim of therapy is for clients to understand some of their background content that affects their lives.

Based on Jungian analysis, the aim of psychotherapy is to achieve individuation. Clients learn to assimilate different parts of themselves, to understand the Self better, and to achieve wholeness by bringing forth the unconscious to the conscious realm. During sessions, clients typically talk about what’s currently on their minds, their years growing up, everyday life, and past events that have shaped their personalities. We would also do some dream and symbol work together in order to go deeper into the psyche if so inclined.



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